Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Music Video Second Draft

This is our final music video. I added the different scenes in the second chorus, synched it all together and changed the colouring and brightness of some of the scenes. I feel that it now matches the song well and flows well, overall I am pleased with how the video turned out.

Saturday, 4 March 2017

Evaluation 2

In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?

I feel that our music video used a lot of similar conventions of a real music video. We watched many music videos in the same genre as our artist, this gave us a clear idea of what conventions are used in the music videos, such as the pace, theme and editing style of the video, all which we used when editing our video. I feel we also challenged the convention of lip syncing throughout the music video. We only used lip syncing for the choruses as they were quite long and we also wanted scenes just for narrative and setting. This challenges the conventions of a normal music video as they tend to have lip syncing throughout the song.

Thursday, 2 March 2017

Evaluation Part 1

How did you use media technologies in this construction and research, planning and evaluation stages?

Throughout this project, media technologies have played a large role in the making and planning of the music video. From the beginning of this project, when we began our artist research, we used Youtube to discover artists within our chosen genre and were able to view music videos and digipaks online to help us with our reserach. I then used photoshop to create my digipak and poster for our artist, using a range of features to edit the pictures and make it fit the genre, and help to create an artist.

During the filming of the video we used DSLR cameras to film all of the shots, as well as using a tripod to make the shots steady and clear when uploaded to the iMacs. We then stored the footage on SD cards so that we could keep all of the shots together and upload them.

Media technologies were also used once we had filmed the video, as I used Final Cut Pro to edit the video. I used this to cut the video, match it with the music and add effects and colouring. This was the most crucial part of making the music video as it is what made it match the song and make it look professional. I feel that I developed my skills for Final Cut Pro throughout this project as I learnt new techniques on how to edit the video, such as different effects and how to cut a video to match a beat of a song.

Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Problems when filming

Through our filming process we came across a few problems. These were technical issues, production issues and team issues.

Technical Issues
During this project we had some problems with the technical aspects. For example the cameras were sometimes being used by other students, so when we wanted to fillm, we had to rearrange to when a camera and other equipment would be available. Also during the editing process, I had issues with final cut pro being slow, meaning I did not get what I wanted to complete on a certain day finished, leaving us behind in the process.

Production Issues
When we went to film at certain locations, like the pier, we found that it was not what we expected and the shots we filmed did not look good, therefore we wasted some days as we did not use the shots, and had to relocate. Another issue, is that we had to travel to Gods Own Junkyard for a long time with large equipement and a group member couldn't attend so it was hard to travel there.

Team Issues
In our group, we all had a different role to ensure the production was as quick a possible so when someone was absent or did not do a task then we were limited as we had to do their role aswell as our own.